a LEGEND lives on  . . .


At the best,
I have only a few years left

Who wants to adopt my baby ?


The project is 
- after the original BERADINO -
my second Vision.

It is designed to present - at a time X - 
a very special SPORTS CAR -
due to the claim of the Original.


Are you excited about the project ?

In your imagination, 
do you see the ready-to-drive prototype
the same way I do ?

Fine, I'm very happy about that ... but

we know that
the project requires significant fonds ...

the fantastic STORY will go on ! 


I'll be not able to realize 
my new Vision on my own.

The reason why

I'm looking for someone, 

infected enough by the BERADINO virus

to take over the project !


January 2023                   JP Paulussen


  ©   JP Paulussen  2023

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